Winter Cabin Necessities

Alpaca fiber is made from the coat of an animal of the same name native to South America that is closely related to the llama. Alpaca garments are lightweight and hypoallergenic and yet have unique thermal qualities. Each hair has a hollow core that offers a layer of insulation. The result keeps wearers warm in chilly weather while caressing the skin with a soft and silky sensation. The soft texture of the fabric stems from the lack of natural oils in the fiber, although alpaca does contain a resinous substance that helps it resist wear and repel dirt. Luxurious alpaca is very durable, resistant to pilling, tearing, stains, odors and static electricity. If any single fiber is a necessity in a winter cabin, it is alpaca.

Alpaca throws

Offering a unique combination of handling ease due to its light weight and warm comfort as a result of its insulating qualities, alpaca is a perfect material for throws and light blankets. Whether for additional warmth in the bedroom on cool nights or for snuggling with a book, alpaca throws provide the ultimate in cozy comfort. The fiber comes in over 22 natural shades, and can be dyed in countless more, allowing it to blend with the decor of any room.

Alpaca shawls

The ultimate in apparel luxury may well be a shawl made of soft, warm alpaca fiber. Traditional in the Andes where alpacas originated, these shawls are also seen in the world’s fashion capitals. Ranging from bold and sporty to intricate lace so fine as to be nearly transparent, wraps made from alpaca make a fashion statement unmatched by other fibers. Warm alpaca wraps can function as outerwear, or more luxurious designs may perfectly complement formal wear for a special night out.

Alpaca scarves

The fiber is also quite common in accessories. A scarf made of alpaca can complement any ensemble from serious winter outerwear to feminine office clothing. The feeling of alpaca against the skin provides an experience of warmth and luxury unmatched by lesser fibers. A small article like a scarf provides a touch of upscale fashion at a relatively small cost, and so can make a delightful gift for friends or relatives without breaking the budget.

Alpaca is a natural material with unique qualities that make it very well suited for home decor and apparel. Attractive to the eye and to the touch, fabrics with substantial alpaca content are fashionable and adaptable. Alpaca makes the perfect finishing touch to a room or a wardrobe.

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